At 4play we work the angles – we’re following our need to love the journey but never forgetting the event. We reckon that is what you want too.

Our event is creating platforms for you to put yourself in harms’ way and always come back for more.

Our bodyboards will suit your needs. But getting there, taking the journey is the key to the 4Play trip.

It started on the Central Coast of NSW in 1999. Driven by a passion for bodyboarding we covered a bunch of the very top riders over the years. Names like Rawlins, Hardy, King, Lester and many more passed through the 4Play laboratory.

We shaped for them and they shaped us. We’re still doing it and producing ranges from the very best materials in the world. And experimenting.

Normal is just not us – we provide stylish, quality, engineered bodyboards composed of all those optimised materials.

But take the time to enjoy the journey. Open up your future, your life by getting your 4Play board.